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The company is implementing the innovation project Digitisation of the Technological Process in Dendrus UAB

The increasing pace of development of the country’s economy and the construction sector leads to increasing demand for custom-made furniture in Lithuania and abroad. In order to develop further and fulfil more orders for clients, the company intends to invest in technological innovation: integrate the acceptance of orders, design, production and realisation into a unified system. The essence of solutions and technologies of digitisation of functions and manufacturing processes is a system consisting of information and communications technology-based equipment for the monitoring or management of labour resources and processes, including machinery, equipment and software as an integral part of the technology or equipment.

The company decided to apply for partial financing of the technological process digitisation project from the EU Structural Funds. An application was submitted under Priority Axis 3 Enhancing the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises  under Operational Programme for the European Union Structural Funds’ Investments for 2014-2020 Measure No. 03.3.1-LVPA-K-854 INDUSTRY DIGITISATION LT. In March 2019, support for the project Digitisation of the Technological Process in Dendrus UAB, project number 03.3.1-LVPA-K-854-01-0103, was granted. Project amount: EUR 159,660. The project will be implemented with the support of the European Regional Development Fund, which will provide the amount of EUR 72,582.

The project will be implemented by Dendrus UAB team: manager, technologist, financier and engineers. The manager of the project is Egidijus Buziliauskas, Director of the company.

The expected outcome is the purchase of equipment and software with digital technologies, controllers and other digital technology devices. This technology will enable the company to produce more products using technological production principles of a unified system. In addition, installation of the equipment for digitisation of production processes will be subject to monitoring of the implementation of technological audit. Introduction of these innovations will help reduce the amount of raw materials used in production, energy consumption, amount of mechanical work for production workers and increase productivity, reduce operating costs and the prime cost of the final product. This would allow the company to gain critical advantage in the market, ensure stable income and long-term competitiveness of the company and strengthen the company’s image.

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